It doesn’t need to be Perfect to be Great….

As I write my post here, I’m thinking how great my website is. I know that from an amateur perspective, it looks pretty cool. Here’s a website. I also know from a social media background or from the eyes of a marketer or IT gurus, this is one of the most basic websites that can be created. Why then do you ask that I feel this is so great? Well, this is simply a means to get across my intentions. My goals have been to start creating a blog and a means to communicate ideas. I have procrastinated for weeks and months that I don’t have the perfect site created, I don’t have the pictures ready, etc…etc…. etc…. (insert yawn here). This week I have had my mindset change that I didn’t need any of that, and if you are reading this now, this is exactly my point. A recent quote I have heard is “Get Ready, Fire, AIM!” I have been ready and I’ve been trying to aim and talking myself out of what I’ve wanted to do. Last night I decided to FIRE!!! And now I am getting my aim right.

My point to this story is that if you have a goal or yearning desire, don’t let fear, lack of knowledge or anything hold you back. Get in and get it started and work the rest out later. Write down your end goal and MAKE IT HAPPEN! If you believe you can do it, you’re already half way there as they say.

Today is Day 2 and I’m excited for the great things that are coming into my life.

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