The Power of Perception

Last night as I was scrolling through my facebook feed, I noticed that a lady that I know by association had posted her launch of her new blog and website. Being that this is my new venture, of course I was going to click through and have a look. My heart sank! Here is this beautifully polished website, all of the headings, all of the photos, an eye-catching layout and design.

A fleeting thought went through my mind for a moment. Look how much better this is than mine. I cant keep on blogging now, I have to get my website better….. and then I stopped and I breathed. Hang on. I’ve already told you my reasons for getting started. I wanted to get started. End of story!! I have stories to tell and I’m going to tell them!!!

Writing is in my blood. My ultra talented sister, Lisa N Edwards has published 3 books, written screen plays and movie scripts and keeps on going from strength to strength. Many years ago when I thought about writing, Lisa started. What did I do? I had the crazy thought that I can’t write now. Lisa writes.

When I let Lisa know that I would be doing this, her reaction was shear joy and absolute encouragement. There can be more than one author in this world, there can be more than one website, there can be more than one blog. If there wasn’t diversity and variety, how boring would the world be.?

I have a different message and goal than the other websites. The other websites and blogs aren’t better or worse than mine. They are different. Every person that reads it or looks at it will have their own perception of it. This is the same scenario that I’m sure that we can all relate to. How often have you given up on a goal or a dream because you thought there was something else better, you could be judged or talked about or that it would be a long road to get to where you needed to be?

A quote from Shakespeare’s says “Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so”.

Put your thoughts, dreams, goals and visions into a plan and start from there. Don’t let any roadblocks from your own thoughts and perceptions get in the way. You can wait until its moved, climb over it or go around it, BUT NEVER LET IT STOP YOU!!

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