You can lose weight…but only if you want to !

As a fitness nutrition coach, one of the main reasons people see me is to lose weight.  Let’s face it.  When it comes to nutrition and exercise, there is so much conflicting advice out there.  Recently there was controversy over Milo being labelled as having a 4 star health rating.  By having it rated with milk, gave it that rating.  Then while we are on the subject of talking about milk, I have been personally berated for putting a Facebook post up about milk and alternatives.  Apparently milk will cause cancer and imminent death according to a colleague of mind.  This is not my own personal views by the way.  No wonder everybody is confused about nutrition.

Weight loss can be just as confusing with the information that is out there.  There are so many fad diets when you look at it that just keep on getting recycled.  The Keto diet is the Atkins diet making another cycle.  Am I an advocate of these.  Not really.  If you are needing to lose weight for health reasons and you have found that these diets keep you on track or you have been referred to these by a qualified dietician or nutrititionist who is monitoring your progress, by all means do it.  I personally find the nutrition side of these are too restrictive to obtain your full array of micronutrients.  Your body needs a multitude of vitamins and minerals and healthy gut flora for optimal health.

Do diets themselves as a short term solution actually work.  The diet industry is extremely lucrative.  It also becomes a cycle.  If you change your eating so much that you cannot maintain what you are doing as a long term solution, you may find yourself joining the dieting merry go round.  Looking at adopting a long term eating plan which consists of whole foods, vegetables, fruit, lean protein such as fish, chicken, meat, nuts, eggs, healthy fats like avocado and olive oil and whole grains, oats, rice, etc are my personal views.  Eat the rainbow of fresh foods and I don’t mean skittles.  Ditch the soft drink and drink water.

To lose weight does mean some restrictions.  Having less calories than you are using will put you in a calorie deficit which will result in weight loss.  It takes will power and commitment.  So many times I have heard people say that they will do absolutely anything for weight loss.  Ive also had clients who I have made suggestions to about changes then say that there is no way that they could do that or make that change.  Well, there’s reason 1 that you’re not getting results!  To make a change, you need to change and you need to be open to it.  Firstly, open your fridge and cupboard.  I ask my clients to send photos to me.  If there is anything in the picture that you won’t want me to see, generally speaking you know that these are not foods that are good for you.

‘Look at me, I’m fat and disgusting!’  Ive heard this one too.  Many times!!!   Be kind to yourself.  Love yourself enough that you recognise that your body deserves to be looked after.  Your mind makes the decisions for your body.  You don’t tip a can of Coca Cola or soft drink into your cars fuel tank as I’m sure we all know that the car won’t operate and will eventually break down.  Each time you do this to your body, you are ultimately doing the same thing.  As confusing as nutrition can be, there are some foods out there which we all know aren’t good for us, yet we keep on consuming.  Learn to love yourself enough to say no and to understand why.

‘I’m too old to lose weight’.  Yes, Ive heard this as well.  Ive heard this from 25 year olds saying they are no longer a teenager to people 50 years plus.  We can all lose weight.  In different life cycles, there are different nutrition requirements.  Adjust these to suit your age, lifestyle and activity levels and you are on the road to success. If you really want to do something and put your mind to it, you can do it.  Believe that you can do it and you’re already half way there.

‘But I’m eating healthy and I’m still not losing weight.’  Great to eating healthy.  You’re on the right track.  There are still portion sizes and getting the right mix.  We sell ‘healthy treats’ at work.  The operative word in that sentence was ‘treats’.  Everything in moderation.  So many times I have seen a change of chocolate bars to bliss balls as an example.  Because the food is made from healthier ingredients, this doesn’t mean that you can eat 20 of them!   Some of these can contain as many calories as a small meal.  Still be aware of the nutrition and calorie value and portion sizes.

Focus on good health, set achievable goals.  Set your overall goal and a time-frame and break it down into daily, weekly targets.  Make consistent small changes.  Some recommendations and changes to work on can include, drink enough water daily, cut back sugar, increase your vegetable intake,  plan your week.  If you need more assistance, drop me a line.


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