You’re Never too old to be what you could have been….

How many times have you had a goal, dream or vision and then dismissed it as too hard?  That little voice in your head talks you out of it by saying, that’s too much, I’m too busy, too old, etc etc.

Well today I’m here to ask you to politely tell that little voice to shut up because we don’t need to hear that any more.

The featured photo today in my blog is a fascinating lady called Jenny.  A grandmother with the body and mind of a lady in her 20’s.  The title for the blog is Jenny’s loved quote, along with her favourite saying ‘Underestimate me, I dare you!”  Because this lady has the mindset to not let any obstacle hold her back, but treats every obstacle as a challenge.

Today, Jenny pushed the sled which weighs nearly 60kg, along with Neil who weighs 84kg up and back on the red carpet.  Jenny weighs just over 50kg herself too I should mention.  6 months ago could Jenny do this?  No way!  We started with some weights, migrated to the sled, added a few kilos on each week, had me jump on and I weigh 56kg on a good week, and we set our sights on to putting on some real weight which I wasn’t prepared to ‘bulk’ for, so Jenny chose Neil as the weight to push.

So every goal, dream or vision has a way to get there.  Just break it down to step 1, then step 2, and keep it going until you get the end result.  I once heard the phrase “its like eating an elephant, you just need to take one bite at a time’.  Now I would never condone eating an elephant or ever want to, but I now certainly get the meaning of the quote.

When life throws you a curve ball or you have that goal to smash, break it down, one step and one day at a time, moment to moment.  Keep going forward and never give up!

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