If there were no People, would time exist?

If there were no people, would time exist? An interesting question and if you only read the first line, you may ask yourself, ‘Is Danielle Smoking something weird”? This statement was my thought provoker this week. If we as humans did not exist, would the animals, tree, atmosphere need time as such? This was a quote from a book that I just read called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tole. The book itself focuses on living in the now. In todays society, the word I hear so much of is Stress. It’s been a stressful day, work is stressful, traffic is stressful. When he talks about what stress is, it is living in the future or the past. It is living with time as our driving force.

The past cannot be changed. Let’s face it. Unless we invent a time machine, what is done is done. I’m sure we have all made good and bad decisions, but generally in life, we make the best decision at the time that we know how to. Remember that and just remember the past is now just a story to tell. I get told a lot of times from people that they are unable to achieve their goals because of things that have happened to them or what they’ve grown up with. The truth be told, we all have a story. We can all tell a victim story, or we can all tell a story or hardships that we have overcame and triumphed. Life is about how you overcome your obstacles and move forward. I like to refer to my own life as a book. I have chapters. I have moved through and if I wrote most of my life story, you probably wouldn’t even believe half of it!!

The future is also never here. The future is always the future. We can dream of what we would like, make plans, but worrying about what may or may not happen will never work out. Trust in the journey and let your future unfold. Whatever happens is the next chapter of your book. Embrace it moment by moment.

Everything that we ever do is only in this moment. As you are reading this right now in this exact moment, is there stress? There is our surroundings right now, the people around us. Go outside and appreciate the sunshine, the air, the grass, the sounds. Whenever you are in the moment, there is no stress.

Clear your mind of your thoughts too. My mind goes a million miles per hour, so being able to ‘shut it down’ as such can be one of my greatest pleasures. Just to be and enjoy doesn’t take effort, money or have expectations. This took me some time to master and by breathing, concentrating on my breath and observing my surroundings for the sight, smell, feel is amazing and puts a new perspective on the world around me. If you find it hard to switch off your mind, try this exercise. Sit still for a moment and think of the next thought that comes into your mind. Was there something there or did you have that moment of stillness before a thought entered?

I write all of this after a week where I myself felt irritated and almost stressed. I am only human and I have the every day of work, family, bills to pay and life. I felt tired and rundown with people around me getting colds and flus, but I kept soldiering on, albeit maybe a little grumpy.!! But as the end of the week is here and I can look back through my moments and pages of my own life book, I can clearly say that I had no reason to worry or stress.

One thing on one day which really bothered me at the time was the internet stopped working on me for several occasions. Was it the end of the world. No! I still got the work that I needed to get done, done! I had some extra to do and I ended up having extra time later in the week, found a nice spot outside in the sunshine with perfect internet connection, and caught up on all of the jobs on my to do list which were making me agitated just days earlier.

Today is a new day and a new week. We are planning our week now and getting ready to head to the Blue Mountains to go on a bush walk. I hope to breathe in the fresh air, appreciate to beauty around me, listen to the sounds of the birds, insects and chatters of people up ahead. We will end up in the little cafe after where last time we came, we noticed that the majority of patrons were eating a certain dish. We are going to order that one today and i wonder if somebody else in that cafe will be thinking the same thing that they will have to make sure they try that dish the next time they are in as it looks and smells good.

Some days finish with a feeling of elation, some days finish with a feeling or tiredness and frustration, but there is always a new day, a new sunrise and a new beginning. Don’t let time dictate you or rule your life. Appreciate each moment, put one foot in front of the other and do the best you can each day to yourself and others

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