Who wants to come out and play ? ❤️

It’s another week and I’m feeling tired. I get my 8 hours sleep a night, but I’m adult tired. I think back as a kid to how much energy and enthusiasm I had. I watch kids now and they exhaust me! If only I could get that energy. This has gotten me to do some serious thinking. If kids have so much energy and exuberance, why don’t I be like a kid! Now I know I have adult responsibilities, but I also have time for me.

This week I’m going to do something new. I’m going to play, I’m going to play like I did when I was a kid…. I’m going to see if next week I still feel as tired.

Tomorrow I’m going to get out of bed and I’m going to think like I did as a kid. It’s Sunday so I don’t have any work. I want to again feel that excitement like I did when I was 5 with no work stresses, no bills, no commitments.

Some things that I used to love to do, was skipping, hoola hoop, cartwheels and handstands. These are my first points of call. I used to love to play with my friends. I love to run, I can’t run fast but I still love it. I’m going to have running races tomorrow with Cheyne and the kids. As a kid, we would find a big hill and run down as fast as we could. If we tripped and we rolled down and skinned our shins and elbows, I would be proud of what I could show my friends as I would giggle and recount the story. If I still have some energy, I might shoot some hoops with our basketball ring. Look out family, tomorrow is our 5th birthday and we will celebrate accordingly.

Tomorrow and every day this week I’m going to Turn back time and I’m going to be a little girl and I’m going to play and have fun. That type of fun where you sing, dance, don’t have inhibitions and don’t care who is watching.

In so many books that I’m reading, we can train our brain and how we think. I’m thinking, why am I training it to work, be serious, be tired. I’m going to spend a week doing my ‘adulthood’ but spend my time having some fun, being silly and laughing.

Why don’t you try it with me and let me know if next weekend you are thinking how tired you are from your week, or how much fun you’ve had and you’re ready to do it again.

Have fun kids ❤️❤️

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