Attitude, your maker or breaker…

About 15 years ago I remember going to a Sales Seminar when I worked in this field. I enjoyed going to these, but there was one speaker in particular who I remember clearly to this day and still gives me goose bumps when I think about the impact his words had on me.

There had been other speakers who were good and I was enjoying the day. But then, the next speaker came out and there was a hush over the crowd. The man didn’t walk out, instead he came onto the stage on his hands only, two hands forward, scooting his body across. He had no legs. They adjusted the microphone down lower for him to speak into. He was amazing!! He started to speak about his wonderful life and how absolutely perfect it was. He had an amazing career, an amazing wife and children and everything that he could wish for in life. He also exclaimed how although he had no legs, he never felt he had any kind of disability. A disability is something which stops you being able to do things. He didn’t have that. He expressed how sad it was that there were so many people in society with a disability. Able bodied people who had the power to do anything that they dreamed, but had the disability of their attitude and mindset.

This was a lightbulb moment. We all have those daily decisions where we can decide if we want to have a great day or a crap day. Yes, we make that decision. I have a necklace that my daughter gave me about 2 years ago at Christmas. She was only 9 at the time so it was a necklace from Kmart. I have never worn it and I have it sitting on our front bookcase as you walk in the door. She asked me recently why I had never worn it. Was it too cheap, or did I simply not like it? It was quite the contrary. It was on the packaging with a note which reads “Today I choose Joy”. I cherish this and the sentiment that these words mean. Something so small can mean so much when we think about it. Every day we can choose joy. Every day we can choose our attitude.

Each day, try doing something that you don’t want to do or don’t like doing. Why would you want to do that do you say? Well, the more you do the things in life that feel hard, the more resilient you become. When there is a task to do or something to accomplish, you don’t think twice about it after time as your mind gets a sense that you have a job to do, and you can do it!!!!

Some suggestions to get you started are to try turning the shower to cold for 30 seconds. It’s actually quite exhilarating!! Get out of bed 10 minutes earlier and run around the block, or just do 10 minutes of light exercise. When you’re at the gym, if you hate those burpees, do 10, then 20!!! Give yourself praise at accomplishing a task beyond your comfort zone!

When you then start to get into the serious business of reaching your goals, when you know that you have to eat an apple instead of grabbing that donut, you’ve built your resilience and toughness that little bit stronger. Each decision becomes easier as you build your resilience strength.

The attitude that you have can change every scenario in your head or situation as it arises. It is all about the attitude that you have and the way you perceive each situation. You can decide if its good, or decide if its bad. Whatever you decide is what it is. It sounds too simple but it is. There’s not a situation that can be overcome by changing your attitude. I defy you to give me one and Ill show you how you can change it!

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