Who am I? Am I a Blogger, Entrepreneur, Instagram Model, Anti-Socialite…a Walrus?

Sometimes do you ever stop and think? Who am I? I do. My reasoning is because for as long as I can remember, one of the promises to myself was to not put a name to myself. I never wanted to be known as Danielle the Sales and Account Manager, Danni the Personal Trainer or known as what I do. I have seen over so many years, people losing their sense of purpose as they choose to be known as an identity of some sort. This is great when you are going well, but what happens when there is that threat of losing that identity? I feel in this instance, Ego is attached to who you are and ego can be your destroyer.

I’d like to think that I can do anything and everything. I would like for people to see me as hard working and putting every effort into giving my best outcome for my task each day. I’d like to be known as positive and goal oriented. Each day now I go to my role as a Personal Trainer. I’m not a personal trainer though. I’m Danni who is there to help my clients and people who have come to me to show them ways to improve their health, well being and strength through exercise, nutrition and positive mindset. That’s my service.

After hours I come home and I am the Mother of 4 wonderful young humans. I cook dinner, but I’m not a chef, I now write a blog, I have some big business plans that are coming so I’m using my entrepreneurial skills, I have started studying my Bachelor of Complimentary Medicine to improve my knowledge and I post some pictures on instagram and I don’t really go to parties so I’m an Anti-socialite.

What are you getting at you may now be wondering? I don’t want to define myself as anything as I want to believe that anything and everything is possible. I want my goals and dreams to be endless and to keep on striving and keep on pushing the goal posts that little bit further.

I see so many people who give up on their dreams as they compare themselves to others who are the ‘Instagram Models’, the ‘Fitness competitors’, the ‘Super Motivated person who they could never be like’. I’d like to see people keep an open mind of endless opportunities and to know that their potential is limitless. All it takes is to keep on trying, keep on striving and keep on moving forward.

The next time you start defining yourself and especially in a negative way, rethink your words and thoughts. If you are saying ‘I’m fat and lazy’ so I can’t exercise. Your body and mind is making excuses. This is a habit that you have created. Just like you created this habit, you can recreate the thought to change your diet and nutrition to look and feel healthy and be full of energy and vitality. You are seriously able to achieve anything. Sure some things take time. It took you time to get yourself into your current situation, so allow the time to get yourself into the new situation. Stay focused and don’t let any little thoughts or distractions change your Long-Term mindset and goals.

I remember when my little niece was young and a moment we had together. My sister Lisa had come up to visit as we had a family get together with photos. She had her young kids with her. My little niece Sherry was adorable. We had been getting extended family photos that weekend and there was a bit of a jean theme happening, having us all matching in denim. The weekend was casual, and they were staying at my house the next Monday morning while I had to get to work early. I was dressed ready to go in my business suit, which I had created what I look back at my signature style with my mini skirt, blouse and suit jacket over with immensely high heals. Sherry came out of the bedroom as she heard I was leaving, rubbed her sleepy eyes and went to give me a sleepy hug. As she was looking up, she saw the hair, makeup and business suit and came to life exclaiming ‘wow Aunty Danno, you’re in your dress up work suit!”. How innocent are kids and the sentiment was beautiful. I wasn’t a business woman, a Sales Manager, a Strategic Account Manager, I was Aunto Danno dressed up and getting my brief case, playing dress ups and going to work.

I live my life with this thought. I’m now not a Personal Trainer. I’m not a Fitness Nutrition Coach. I put on my tights, my running shoes and my uniform shirt and I head to my day to help people adhere to their exercise programs, eat the right foods, stay motivated and live a positive life.

I remember I used to go to networking conferences. I used to feel like a fraud at these. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I never wanted to perceive myself by a career.

In the corporate world, I have seen so many people who have ‘lost their identity’ with being a title. Their work pressure would become immense, they would be so intent on getting that next promotion and title, earning more money, that their stress levels and quality of life would seem to diminish. I would also see colleagues who would start to get to this point, just to one day hand their resignation in to move to a seaside destination or similar and say their family came first.

As you can see from the photo too. It’s possible to become anything. On saying that, I’m a bikini instagram model. Thank you to photoshop for making my dreams come true 😂



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