Namaste 🧘‍♀️

If you had asked me 2 years ago to do a yoga session, I would have given you every excuse under the sun.  I didn’t have time for that.  I cant meditate in a room, or relax, or breathe deeply.  In fact, it really didn’t appeal to me.  I was getting fit!!  Lifting weights, doing interval sprints, HIIT training.  Who had time for yoga??

I had one brief experience with it 20 years ago when a good friend of mine suggested I go with her to our first yoga session.  Well, my good friend Rhonda was not the most serious of people but her yoga faux par was totally unintentional which made it all the funnier.  We arrived at the class, mats in hand and probably a little too overexcited and hyped up for a yoga class.  There was the initial breathing and relaxation where there were slight glances across to each other and lots of giggling.  A couple of times the yoga teacher gave us some nods or shakes of the head in a way to try to get us to experience the class, breathe and relax.  The good news is that we did start to get into the class.  After the initial excitement started to wear off, the breathing became deeper and I was totally getting into the moment and zoning out from the giggles, the day, the world and…….Oh no!!  The bad news is that Rhonda relaxed a little too much and I heard a slight trumpet noise of her passing wind.  As this was as unexpected to her and she was a little shocked, she looked over at me with a look of pure embarrassment and shock all at once which made me almost fall to the floor in a fit of laughter.  This made Rhonda laugh also and we just could not stop.  Unfortunately the yoga teacher or fellow class members did not see (or smell) the humour of the situation and we were politely asked to leave…Namaste Bitches!!! 😂 This still to this day is one of those stories that I can think about which gets me into fits of laughter and makes me look like that crazy lady standing by herself and laughing uncontrollably!!

20 years on, I now figure that I’m a tad more mature, 4 children later and no longer in contact with Rhonda, so I recently gave yoga a second opportunity.  As I’ve stated in previous posts, I had a bout of ill health from an autoimmune condition.  On some occasions, I would have a heavy strength day which I was conditioned to, just to wake up the next morning to feel like I had been run over by a truck, drugged to a state of stupor with joints that felt like they would crack under pressure.  I would go to my next ‘go to’ of HIIT training and feel similar.  Something had to give.  Many of my clients, friends and family do yoga and it started to intrigue me more and more.

Before I decided to do a class, I started reading of the benefits that can be achieved.  This seemed too good to be true.  The practice of yoga teaches you breathing.  Not just breathing to live, but breathing to relax your mind and soul and escape the present and past to live in the moment and free your mind. Breathing to activate deep layers of your core muscles.  Stretching and moving in ways that release tension, build strength and even treat bodily ailments such as thyroid conditions!!!  The list is actually endless!

I remember when I did my certification to become a personal trainer, the tutor asked, who would you define as the ‘fittest’?  Would it be a gymnast, power lifter, sprinter?  I couldn’t answer.  To me, all aspects of fitness are just as important to each other.  I believe you need Strength, cardiovascular training (our heart is a muscle and anyone who tells me they don’t do cardio, well why doesn’t your heart muscle deserve a day like legs, chest, back).    I believe that you need mobility and flexibility and my latest list on my fitness list is mindfulness and recharging of your body and soul.

So, part of my regular routine now is attending the yoga classes.  I am now able to do my strength and HIIT training as I wake up feeling fantastic!  I have balance and I don’t just mean that I’ve mastered the tree pose.

Lastly, the practice of yoga has me so far hooked that I’m currently studying my Core Yoga certification.  Ill be looking for some volunteers soon to do some classes with me for me to submit my accreditation.

So, if I ever ask you if you do Yoga or you’ve tried yoga and your response to me is ‘I don’t have time for that’ or ‘I cant relax and do yoga’, well guess what.  Don’t wait 20 years like I did.  You need it now more than you know…

Namaste ✌️ 🌈 💖

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