Sharing my Learnings to Health and Happiness

Meditation!!!! Mindfulness!!!! You have to do these things!!!! You have to practice them and understand them!!!!! It’ll change your world!!!! Do IT!!!!!!

I read this, I hear this constantly. For a long time I would hear this and think, “Oh that sounds like a good idea”, but I never actually did it. I didn’t do it as I never understood the Why I should do it. If you are somebody like me that loves to know about the latest goings on, you probably have taken an interest in these words too. But have they just been words to you? There is so much being said about it, and how to do it, but WHY should you really do it? This is what I wanted to know and this is the reason I am now convinced to do it.

Let me share with you some things that Ive learnt over the last couple of months and weeks through my readings and the current degree I have started studying for Complementary Medicine and lets hope that we can make meditation and mindfulness part of your daily routines and rituals and not just some Mumbo Jumbo Buzz words that we hear each day.

This is how it all began….

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, there were ancient civilisations who themselves practiced mindfulness and mediation. Can you see where I am going here? It is not a buzzword of today. These are ancient techniques that have been practiced throughout the ages from our native Australian Aboriginals, American Indians, Hindu culture and Ayurvedic Medicine and SO many more!!!! This is NOT new!!! These last few weeks I have been studying the History of Healing through my degree and this has been a ritual in many ancient and present day cultures. It has been passed down through generations and widely practiced.

With our world becoming busier, faster and driven by technology, our brains and minds are constantly wired and we don’t switch them off. Meditation and Mindfulness is the ability to switch the mind off. Can you start relating now? As you’re reading this, are you thinking, “Yes, my mind is constantly chatting away. Thinking of things to do, What I’ve forgotten”. Do you go to bed and you find it hard to sleep as your mind is chatting away?

Let’s go back to our cultures. Many practiced rituals of healing, cleansing, spirituality and dance. There could be common themes of sitting around a fire, chanting, dancing and getting into trance like states. There are many different ways to switch off the mind and get into a state of “Conscious Unconsciousness”. This is a way to describe meditation and Ill go into some scientific views to break this all down. Now, I’m not a scientist, (Batman’s a scientist) I hope to explain this the best that I can.

Our brains produce waves which fall into 4 groups:

– Delta Waves, which occur during sleep

– Theta Waves, which are associated with sleep, deep relaxation (like hypnotic) and visualisation.

– Alpha Waves, which occur when we are relaxed and calm

– Beta Waves, which occur when we are actively thinking and problem solving.

There are some brainwave additions in Sensory Motor rhythm which link brain and body functions and Gamma brain waves which are involved in higher mental activity and consolidation of information which can be more prevalent in Tibetan monks who can get into deep states of meditation.

Unfortunately, we cannot just sit back and think, lets produce some Beta waves and work some stuff out. Our brainwaves are all working, but what goes wrong and especially in todays society is that we are not achieving a balance. In todays society, the Beta waves are switched on incessantly and those poor Theta Waves are still drifting out in the ocean of life.

If I haven’t lost you yet and this is making some sense, this is why meditation is so important. Learning to switch off our minds chatter and to total calm it will not just help you in a better overall clarity of situations, it has been proven that your brain and body will all work better together. Achieving the mixture of all of the brainwave signals helps your body work in balance to fight stress, disease and help with a feeling of inner peace. Our modern world is not designed in unison with the human mind. We need to every day take a step back from ‘today’s world.’

I have shared with you in previous blogs about my battle with Graves Disease. Graves Disease is an autoimmune thyroid condition which I have hereditary tendencies towards as we have many autoimmune conditions in the family. An extremely stressful life situation is what triggered this to rear its ugly head. Had I known this, had I known what I know now, I may have never suffered this. It is possible that I could have prevented this from happening!!!!

My current studies are all about Complementary Medicine. Why I am so passionate about this is that this is a way for me to help share my learnings with ways to prevent disease, ways to live our healthiest lives for everyday and into old age. We don’t need to suffer many of our illnesses and everyday stresses.

Unfortunately we live in a generation where we expect the clinical medical profession to fix everything after it has happened. We expect that when we are 60 and the doctor tells us that we have early stages of Alzheimer’s, that they should have a cure for this. The sad and simple fact is that if many of us lived a clean and healthy lifestyle with diet, exercise and nutrition through our younger years and middle age, that many of our modern day illnesses and conditions could be prevented.

I’m looking forward to the next 3-4 years of learning and sharing my health journey with you. My goal is to share Exercise, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Healing practices for ways to live the best life that you possible can.

Please share my blog and encourage your friends and family to follow me also. I’m looking forward to helping build a community where we can work together for health, happiness and a better overall wellbeing of life.

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    With you we all soar with the eagles 🦅 and leave the rest to flock with the 🦃 Turkeys


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