Who wants to come out and play ? ❤️

It's another week and I'm feeling tired. I get my 8 hours sleep a night, but I'm adult tired. I think back as a kid to how much energy and enthusiasm I had. I watch kids now and they exhaust me! If only I could get that energy. This has gotten me to do some... Continue Reading →

If there were no People, would time exist?

If there were no people, would time exist? An interesting question and if you only read the first line, you may ask yourself, 'Is Danielle Smoking something weird"? This statement was my thought provoker this week. If we as humans did not exist, would the animals, tree, atmosphere need time as such? This was a... Continue Reading →

You can lose weight…but only if you want to !

As a fitness nutrition coach, one of the main reasons people see me is to lose weight.  Let’s face it.  When it comes to nutrition and exercise, there is so much conflicting advice out there.  Recently there was controversy over Milo being labelled as having a 4 star health rating.  By having it rated with... Continue Reading →

The Power of Perception

Last night as I was scrolling through my facebook feed, I noticed that a lady that I know by association had posted her launch of her new blog and website. Being that this is my new venture, of course I was going to click through and have a look. My heart sank! Here is this... Continue Reading →

Stress Less – Live More

Don't Feel Guilty to look after you! My life over the past few years has felt quite stressful. My profession is health and fitness, but there were a couple of years where I felt that I was being overwhelmed with the world around me. I went through a stressful period which I wont get into... Continue Reading →

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